The Suspended Moment (Hasselt)
Z33, Hasselt, BE 21 January / 22 April 2007

Z33, Hasselt, BE
21 January > 22 April 2007

The Suspended Moment is a travelling exhibition that shows a selection of works from the H+F Collection. The exhibition has been put together by Hilde Teerlinck (former director of the CRAC Alsace, now director of the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais), in collaboration with Han Nefkens. The exhibition is inspired by the question: ‘What would happen if we could stop the clock for a moment?’

When asked about her motivation in creating this exhibition, Hilde Teerlinck wrote:

‘The publication Girlfriend in a coma by Douglas Copeland is one of the books that has given me inspiration for this intuitive and very personal choice of works from the H+F Collection. It may suffice to list the titles of a few of the chapters:
+ If it sleeps it’s alive
+ Thinking about the future means you want something
+ Earthly sadness
+ Even more real than you
+ The future and the afterlife are different things altogether
+ One day you will speak with yourself
+ Destiny is corny
+ The future is more extreme than you think
+ Dreaming even though you’re wide awake
It immediately reminds me of Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick’s last film, as the title The Suspended Moment flirts with a similar contradiction. It tells us about tension, about suspense (as in cinema), but confronts this emotion, this thrill, with the instantaneousness and the transience of a moment.

I belong to a generation whose everyday life is increasingly dominated by an even more hectic pace. Morning to evening our agendas force us into a straitjacket. Routine is everywhere. Breaks and moments of relaxation are fewer and further between. We are constantly bombarded by an overdose of images, information and impressions, claiming our complete attention. Hence I asked myself this question: “What would happen if we could stop the clock for a moment?” In my opinion, this selection from the H+F Collection offers a unique opportunity to make this happen.'


The Suspended Moment, a French-English-German-Dutch catalogue with texts by Hilde Teerlinck, Hilde van Gelder, Alex de Vries and Pascale Saarbach.
ISBN: 2-911660-11-0
€ 28,35

The catalogue is distributed by IDEA books, where it can be ordered by your bookshop.

The exhibition originated in the CRAC Alsace in Altkirch (FR) in 2005, and moved on to the Museo de Arte Contemporánea (MARCO) in Vigo (ES), to various venues in Bangkok (TH) and to Hasselt (BE). Finally, a selection from the exhibition is shown at the Centraal Museum.
Each location shows a different choice of works.

CRAC Alsace
100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok
Tadu Contemporary Art, Bangkok
PSG Art Gallery, Bangkok
Centraal Museum


The ArtAids foundation was set up in 2006 at Han Nefkens’ initiative. ArtAids fights AIDS with the power of art as its most important weapon. ArtAids invites leading artists to produce work that is inspired by AIDS and related problems. These works of art are used to raise the public’s consciousness and to encourage their involvement.

Fundació Han Nefkens

The Han Nefkens Foundation is a private non-profit organisation that was set up in Barcelona in 2009 with the aim of promoting the production of contemporary artworks. The mission is to stimulate artistic creation in Barcelona by offering international artists an opportunity to create artworks and interventions in the city, and to promote other fields of contemporary creation.


Han Nefkens started to collect art in 2000. The H+F Collection, named after himself and his partner Felipe, is in long-term loan to various museums in The Netherlands and abroad. Nowadays Han Nefkens is not only active as a collector but also as an initiator of international art projects, often in collaboration with museums and other art institutions.