Parts and the Whole (Alicante)
Centro Cultural Bancaja, Alicante, ES 20 June / 29 September 2008

Centro Cultural Bancaja, Alicante, ES
20 June > 29 September 2008 The exhibition Las Partes y el Todo presents a selection of photos from the H+F Collection. Guest curator is the artist Ignasi Aballí (Barcelona 1958).

It was Nefkens himself who suggested to the Catalan artist Ignasi Aballí – who has enjoyed a long and highly acclaimed career and who was the only Spanish artist to be invited by the Venice Biennale 2007 – that he choose photographs from the H+F Collection. Nefkens invited Aballí to offer his own vision of the works and discover new relationships between the photographs. The title of the exhibition, Parts and the Whole, refers to the duality between fragmentary visions of reality and visions that aim to show this reality from a more global perspective.

Standing out amongst the pieces selected by Ignasi Aballí are those that best reflect the objectives of Han Nefkens: works that stimulate thought and a renewed look. There are images that show their proximity to painting, photographs by Jörg Sasse and Stephen Shore, for example, and others where the limits between reality and abstraction dissolve, such as the photographs of Roni Horn, Annika von Hausswolff, Thomas Ruff, Rinko Kawauchi and Naoya Hatakeyama. Finally, there are works with social or political connotations such as those by Gerald Van Der Kaap, Martine Stig, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Shirin Neshat.

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After the Fundació Foto Colectania in Barcelona, the Centro Cultural Bancaja in Alicante is the second venue to show Parts and the Whole.


Las partes y el todo / Parts and the Whole, an English-Spanish-Catalan-Portuguese catalogue with texts by Ignasi Aballí and Han Nefkens.
144 pages
ISBN: 978-84-611-8670-9
€ 30,00
The book can be ordered through Colectania.

Fundació Foto Colectania


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