Only Gaze a While Longer: Poetic wilderness in the photographs of Rob Nypels
Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, NL 30 May / 30 August 2009
For several years now, photographer Rob Nypels has been living and working in the Auvergne, located in France's Massif Central. In these carefully chosen surroundings, his vision of landscape as a primarily personal domain arrived at the form and expression that he sought. His nature photographs of the Central Massif are images of intense beauty. They comprise not only reflections on the unusual quality of this landscape, but also on the state of affairs with respect to landscape photography. Together with Aap-lab's Peter Svenson, Nypels then expanded the limits of color photography in terms of printing technique. With this summer exhibition, photography museum Huis Marseille will be the first to give consideration to the new work of this photographer. The publication has been made possible by the H+F Collection. Both the exhibition and book bear the title Only Gaze A While Longer, taken from Tagebücher aus der Frühzeit (1899-1902) by Rainer Maria Rilke.

Only Gaze a While Longer is on view until 30 August 2009.

Huis Marseille

All photographs are analogue exposures form a 6x6 Mamiya C330 camera, with Kodak VC 160 film. The prints are C-Prints/ Endura, made by hand between September 2008 and May 2009 by Peter Svenson, AAP-lab, Amsterdam.

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